Guidelines to Author

The International Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and Technologies (IJRESTs) is a monthly online International peer reviewed E- journal published in English. This journal publishes only the selected, original research papers, articles and review papers. Authors are requested to submit the manuscripts and not submitted for publication elsewhere. All the authors required to follow the following guidelines for manuscript preparation.

Instructions at a Glance

Description Specifications
Paper Size A4
Margins 1” all four sides
Orientation Portrait
Text Arial
Title 24- Bold
Description Specifications
Abstract 250 words, 9 - Bold
Keywords 7 - Max. 7 nos.
All Main Headlines 10-Arial-ALL CAPITAL- BOLD
Sub Headlines 10-Capitalize First Letter of each word
Tables & Figures Arrange in the text where they appears
Description Specifications
References Show with numerical in square bracket in the text
References List at the end in the order as appears in the text.
Author’s Biography 8 with color photograph
Paper Length Max. of 10 typed pages
Authors Name 12- Italic Bold

Preparation of Manuscripts

All manuscripts should be typed in two columns on A-4 size and text must be prepared in MS Word 2007. The paper should be restricted to a maximum of 10 typed pages including figures, photographs, tables, etc.

Format of Manuscripts

All manuscripts should be prepared as follows.


Entire text can be split up into Title, abstract, key-words, introduction, material and methods, observations, results & discussion, conclusion, acknowledgements and symbols, abbreviations, references. Only standard international units should be used.


Should be specific and informative to the contents and concise – Arial 20 font, capitalize each and centre alignment.


12 font, Italic, Bold.


10 font – normal. Correspondence address with country name in capitals, E-mail ID of each author.


Should be in brief with salient features and important conclusion, not exceeding 250 words. No references should be quoted in the abstract.

Key Words

Below the abstract mention not more than seven keywords related to the contents of the manuscript.


Should be brief and specific. No sub headings in the introduction part. Avoid elaboration of details of earlier works. If the references are used indicate them with number in [ ].

Literature Review

Should contain the information collected from various sources of publications including the journals, proceedings, text books, news articles, web sites, thesis, etc. It should be brief and only important points of the work are to be reported. Wherever any kind of publications used , should be cited the same with sequential number in [ ].

Material and Methods

Should contain details of the equipment/machinery/chemicals/questionnaire/etc used followed by the description/procedure of work carried out. Any kind of standard procedure/equations/ work/documents used, cite the same as reference in [ ].

Results and Discussion

Present the views/report in appropriate and precise format using the important results/observations/readings/data obtained during the studies and represent in a tabular form, graphical form, photographs, charts, etc as may be required for better quality and limited to minimum. Avoid repeated discussion of the same.


Use proper heading and numbered as cited in text as Table 1, 2 etc. In case the table is collected from any published source, indicate the same as “source [ ]” and list in references.


All diagrams, graphs, photographs, charts must be represented using proper title and numbered as cited in text as Fig.1, 2, etc. All the figures should be clear and good in quality. Legends must be visible clearly. In case the Figure/s are collected from any published source, indicate the same as “source [ ]” and list in references.


Conclusion should be the outcome of the paper. Do not repeat the information provided in the abstract as the conclusion. Conclusion/s may comprise the probable scope to continue the work. No tables, figures, references are included.


Authors may acknowledge the superiors/colleagues/funding agencies/organizations/etc for providing the facilities or extending the support. It should be very short and meaningful.


References used to collect the information for preparing this article only to be listed. References should be arranged in an order with serial number in the order as they appeared in the article.

Citation of references should be as follows

In the text name of the authors followed by year of publication (e.g. Raja M and Mohan S, 2014). If authors are more than two, then should be referred to first author name followed by et al (Raja M, et al 2015). However, references list should include the names of all the authors, full title of the article, abbreviated title of the journal, volume no., issue no., Page nos.


The Chief-in-Editor is not responsible for the statements and views expressed by the author in his/her paper. The contents of the IJRESTs journals either fully or partly is allowed to reproduce in any form without the written permission from the Editor-in-Chief i.e. the copyright of the articles is automatically assigned to the IJRESTs. The Editor-in-Chief/Editors/Associate Editors have the rights to make changes in the text either to improve the quality of the paper or space constraints.


References used to collect the information for preparing this article only to be listed. References should be arranged in an order with serial number in the order as they appeared in the article.

  • Upload the manuscript through online
  • Declaration certificate, copy right form must be submitted while uploading the manuscript for publication.

Contact Details

Name: Dr. Y.R.M. Rao,B.E, (Civil)., M.E., Ph.D.,
Editor-in-Chief (IJRESTs).
Address: Pondicherry, India.
Country: India
Mobile: +91-9786777229